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Sunday, 1 January 2006
Are you wondering how the hell I come up with such low scores for your favorite games and such high scores for some tottaly crap games? Well, this article should give you all the answers you need.
Plus it will explain all the scoring categories and what a game should have or not have to score high (or low) in each of those categories. (more>>)
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Wednesday, 5 October 2005
This is a short rant about a crash bug that I had while working with LUA on a commercial game project. I am putting it down here in the hopes that the next person who gets this crash will have more luck than me in their GOOGLE search for some information about it. (more>>)
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2 December 2004
Wondering what you can find on this site? The articles, news, links and any other features - they are all explained in the first version of the site FAQ. (more>>)
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20 May 2001
This is a short article I wrote 3 years ago for the first version of this site. Reading it from this time distance, I thought it still had some valid points and good ideas, so I decided to include it in the new version of the site as well. This sentence, taken from the article, rings very true and can be used to quickly evaluate a game's linearity: "I rate linearity in games by the number of independent choices a player has at a particular game junction". (more>>)
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