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LATEST NEWS ( Saturday, 31 August 2013 )
Welcome to the new and relaunched It has been 5 years since this site was last updated, and the site design was looking pretty dated, so I decided to reboot it.

The new design has the same goals - no fancy stuff, quick loading and easy maintenance. I tried using some of them fancy CMS packages (Joomla and the like) - but they are horrible. That is why I decided to stick with my dear old TARATURcms - proudly programmed in ASP years ago by yours truly.

I have been in Macedonia for almost the past 3 years. I rested a little bit, got my bearings, founded a gamedev studio ( and created a prototype for our first game - you will be hearing about it shortly. Developing this new game helped me clarify some of my ideas about game development, and I will be writing about them on this site (in the Ideas&Rants section).

I also plan on updating this site more regularly. You know you have heard that before...

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IDEAS & RANTS ( Sunday, 1 January 2006 )
Are you wondering how the hell I come up with such low scores for your favorite games and such high scores for some tottaly crap games? Well, this article should give you all the answers you need.
Plus it will explain all the scoring categories and what a game should have or not have to score high (or low) in each of those categories.

LATEST REVIEW ( Saturday, 31 August 2013 )

The chronologically challenged story makes the bitter taste of "oh-no-not-another-arena-encounter" a little sweeter at the end. But it doesn't do enough to justify packaging itself in a clumsy game.
Bioshock Infinite didn't really need to be a game. It would still be as good, and maybe better.
(full review>>)
This is the game development studio that I have founded in Bitola Macedonia. It is probably as frequently updated as this site.

last updated: Saturday, 31 August 2013