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What is the purpose of this site (FAQ)
2 December 2004

 While looking over some old CD's I found buried among my stuff, I ran across the .htm files for the first personal site I had created ( Of course, that site never actually survived longer than a few months and was never updated, but then again it was completely typed up in html and required me making new pages and completely replacing the old ones whenever I wanted to update it.
 Well, I am now older and wiser, and have learned some ASP in the process - so this version of the site, although it looks pretty much the same - it actually is a little more advanced and a little easier to maintain then before. This article will try to explain to anyone interested what can be found on this site, how the site can be improved and everything else. I have decided to format that information in the all too familiar FAQ format. So here they are, the FAQ:
 Oh, and by the way - if your question is not answered here, please send me an email with it and I will make sure it is included in the next version. Here is my email.


Q: What sort of news can you possibly put on a personal site?
A:  The news that I will be posting here will probably not be very frequent (every day). I plan to post news relevant to myself and my life (for anyone interested) and news relevant to whatever interests me. Currently, my biggest interest is my work, which is game and general programming. I do follow news related to the gaming industry vigorously and whatever is big enough I will also post on this site. Anything else that I deem interesting for myself will also be posted here and since if you are visiting this site, then chances are we have common interests. The news posted will most likely contain a link to the origin of the news. Don't believe me? Check for yourself :)

Q: How frequently is this site updated?
A:  I will try to post as much as possible, but that all depends on the amount of time I will have to dedicate to this site in the future. I am planning at least one update every couple of days. 
In any case, the main page contains the date of the last update, as well as the articles, news or other content that has been added most recently.

Q: What kinds of articles can I find here and are any of them useful?
A:  Well, I definitely think that the articles that will be posted here will be useful. I plan to post my opinions on game programming, design, reviews of games that I have played and anything else I find interesting. Later I plan some workable code to be available in the Features section of the site - this will be mostly test code that I write to analyze some algorithms. There will be no content removed from the site, so I am hoping to have a nice collection of articles after some time.

Q: Did I read correctly - you are going to do game reviews?
A:  Yes, I play a lot of games, and I have a lot of opinions about them. It was only natural that I want to write up a short summary about the games that I play. Since I am also involved in developing games as well, I think I have a unique perspective on things. Plus, I do not have to sugar-coat my opinion like normal review sites do - I can call things as I see them. And trust me, I intend to do just that.
Am I going to review a lot of games? Maybe over time - I don't intend to do a lot of reviews per month. When I play a game I will review it - I don't know the next time that will happen in advance. I will utilize a 0-100 scale for reviews and there will be a score for every particular aspect of a game (I hate composite scores). Check out the Ideas&Rants section for any reviews that might be up by the time you are reading this.

Q: Why would anyone read this site?
A:  If you are in the gaming industry, or want to get into it, and you are still not a psychiatric case like me (checking all the relevant sites for information), you will find here a nicely filtered selection of relevant news and articles that only pertain to something genuinely important to me or the industry. If you want to know every little bit of information out there, then this is probably not the site for you, you should try something closer to Blues News or ShackNews.
On the other hand, even if you do read those other sites, I am a pretty funny (and modest) guy. You may find the occasional interesting article, even here :)

Q: Can anyone else besides you contribute to the site?
A:  The site is fully configurable from an online control panel. I have a username and password and the necessary permissions to contribute to it. If you are interested in contributing to the site, you can receive a username and a password. Using those you can contribute to the site.
That said, I don't throw around permissions. This is after all, my own personal site. But, if you contact me via email with a description of what you would like to post I can post it myself or alternatively you can receive a contributing identity. Then, with time, we can work on your posting permissions :)

Q: Is the code you post on this site from the companies where you work or have worked?
A:  No. Code that I write professionally is protected in the contracts that I sign with my employers. The code that I post on this site is something I work on in my own free spare time, on my own personal computer. I post that code here so that it may be of some use for someone else - whether in actual usage or for instructional purposes.

Q: Your name is strange - don't you know it's spelled Peter?
A:  My name is not strange where I come from, which is a small country in Southeastern Europe called Macedonia (read about it here). My name is spelled in the Macedonian spelling (with an A), but it can be read as "Peter" - primarily because everyone that has ever read the A in my name puts the emphasis of the word on it, and it always comes out sounding "Petaaaaaar" - which sucks.
The correct pronunciation is with an A, but with the emphasis on the letter E (and you have to read the E like an "eh"). Never mind, too complicated for English speakers (the people with the worst track record in pronouncing non-Native names).

This concludes the first iteration of the FAQ for my site. The second iteration is being built as you are reading this line, and if you want to have some question answered in it, please re-read this article from the top and you will see how to do that. Use the same email address to send any general feedback on the site quality or anything else. I will try to make this site as professional as humanly possible (ok, not counting this FAQ).

Posted by: Petar , on Thursday, 23 December 2004

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Posted by: six , on Monday, 14 February 2005

i would really want to help you out. just contact me and after i'll tell you a few of my ideas and you like them, we'll be on....

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